What else makes YPO Manhattan special?

Events that Educate and Inspire

Created by CEOs for CEOs

Members around the world speak of experiences they can have “only in YPO” because YPO education is about candid access to the greatest minds. YPO learning is unforgettable, useful and inspiring.

In YPO Manhattan, members build life long friendships and involve their entire family as they discover our community and the world together through our award-winning programs.

Forum is Your Peer to Peer Board of Advisors

Consistently ranked as the No. 1 service provided to members and spouses, Forum gives members the peer-to-peer feedback they so rarely obtain in life. Forums essentially serve as a member’s personal board of advisors, tackling any topic together in a strictly confidential, totally trustworthy environment.

YPO FY 2017-2018 Events

How can I join YPO Manhattan?

Age:  Accepted to YPO International and YPO Manhattan before your 45 birthday

Title:  CEO, President or Equivalent

Employee count:  Either 50 employees OR 15 employees AND a payroll over $2 million (not including yourself)

Revenues:  $13 million in sales or an enterprise value of $20,000,000

In Addition:  YPO Manhattan asks that all applicants give back to the community by volunteering their time, talent and resources in an endeavor that suits their passions.