YPO Manhattan

Industry diverse. Culturally rich. Gender balanced. Philanthropically centered.

YPO Manhattan

YPO Manhattan was founded in 2005 with the idea of forming a chapter that was diverse, philanthropic, and offered a more intimate experience than the existing New York based chapters.

With a membership base of over 90 young CEO’s and Presidents, YPO Manhattan offers exceptional opportunities for superior networking, exclusive one-of-a-kind events; and a shared spirit of collaboration. Connection that is unparalleled.

Who are we?

"Why YPO is important to me? When I was placed in a forum with individuals from different industries including much smaller companies, I wasn’t optimistic that we would have much to learn from each other. But I was 100 percent wrong. Regardless of how dissimilar two business models might seem, the power of YPO is that you find commonalities that are fundamental to all businesses. In the end, all work gets done through people and on that topic, every member of YPO has important insights to share. This has had a profound impact on my business leadership style."   — Andrew Darfoor, YPO Manhattan member since 2010

"The forum experience was invaluable in providing me a high level 'personal and professional board of directors,' the chapter program included numerous and amazing 'only in YPO' once in a lifetime experiences, and the global network of 23,000 CEOs has been an incredible resource for me and my business."   — David Wolf, C.A. Holdings PLC, YPO Manhattan Chapter member since 2012

"I have been in the YPO Manhattan Chapter for 5 years and have had a stellar experience. As a first time entrepreneur, I have leaned on the collective wisdom of the chapter to help transition my business from a start-up into a mature, stable organization. The diverse people and businesses in the Manhattan Chapter make it a comforting home within which to execute the YPO mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange. From the start, I have relied on YPOI’s vast global network, the experience of fellow chapter members, and the intimacy of forum to build and develop my business in ways I didn’t think were possible. I am one of the many members who attests to the life changing impact of YPO."   — Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, Founder and CEO, Physique 57, YPO Manhattan member since 2011

"YPO Manhattan is an incredible chapter. I have made the most amazing friendships and meaningful connections with a diverse group of top tier business leaders from Manhattan, and around the world. The unique educational programs and exclusive networking events are always fun, informative and engaging; always pushing us to think and act outside of our comfort zones. And there is nothing more valuable than being able to share ideas and challenges with your peers in a creative, nonjudgmental environment. I have been actively involved in YPO Manhattan since 2007 and have served in various roles throughout the years. Having been involved with this organization for a decade, I can say with all confidence that there is no experience more rewarding than actively engaging in this chapter. YPO Manhattan is definitely a game changer."   — Jonathan Fassberg, CEO The Trout Group, YPO Manhattan Chapter member since 2009

"YPO-Manhattan has made a big impact on my life. Each member is so impressive and is able to provide not only friendship but insights, both professional and personal, that are truly insightful. I look forward to spending time at my forum, the chapter events and informal times (lunches, coffees or dinners) with our various members."   — Steven Marlowe, Bran-Zan Holdings LLC, YPO Manhattan Chapter member since 2012

"YPO Manhattan has been a constant source of strength and inspiration. From the socially minded and diverse membership base to the exceptional networking opportunities and one of a kind event experiences.. YPO Manhattan has helped to elevate my business and touched my life."   — Caroline Fabrigas, CEO, Scent Marketing Inc., YPO Manhattan Chapter member since 2010

YPO has been helping young business leaders lead great companies for more than 60 years.